Project Name
Relevant PDFs
Eckel Trace Plat 6
Parc Du Langlade Pump Station - City of Northwood, Wood County, OH
Sackett Street reconstruction
Hicksville 2016 Street Resurfacing Improvements
Commercial Boulevard Improvements for the City of Northwood
Northwood 2016 Street Resurfacing Improvements
Mason Street Drainage Improvements
10E08117 Springfield Local Schools
Ritter Avenue Drainage Improvements project for the City of Northwood
Van Buren South Side Storm Sewer Improvements – Phase I
City of northwood 2017 Resurfacing Improvements Project No. 10E08420
Van Buren South Side Storm Sewer Improvements – Phase I (Re-Bid)
Seneca County, Ohio Wolf Creek "Logjam & Selective Tree Removal" Project 10E08396
Lindsey Ohio Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Phase I Project
Oregon Road Resurfacing Improvements City of Northwood 10E08518
Oregon Road Resurfacing Improvements (Re-Bid)
Sherman Place Sanitary Sewer Replacement City of Perrysburg, Ohio 10E07990
Northwood 2018 Street Resurfacing Improvements 10E08641
City of Northwood - Wales Road and Tracy Road Intersection Right Turn Lane Improvements
East Plaza Road Improvements - City of Northwood