Project Name
Relevant PDFs
City of northwood 2017 Resurfacing Improvements Project No. 10E08420
Van Buren South Side Storm Sewer Improvements – Phase I (Re-Bid)
Seneca County, Ohio Wolf Creek "Logjam & Selective Tree Removal" Project 10E08396
Lindsey Ohio Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation - Phase I Project
Oregon Road Resurfacing Improvements City of Northwood 10E08518
Oregon Road Resurfacing Improvements (Re-Bid)
Sherman Place Sanitary Sewer Replacement City of Perrysburg, Ohio 10E07990
Northwood 2018 Street Resurfacing Improvements 10E08641
City of Northwood - Wales Road and Tracy Road Intersection Right Turn Lane Improvements
East Plaza Road Improvements - City of Northwood
Rochester Place Subdivision Drainage Improvements - City of Northwood
Brentwood Park Walk & Bike Path - City of Northwood, Ohio
Lindsey Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation – Phase II - Village of Lindsey, Ohio
West Maple Street Drainage Improvements - Village of Liberty Center
Van Buren South Side Storm Sewer Improvements Phase II
Water St. and Bierley Ave. Roadway Improvements - Village of Pemberville
Brentwood Park Concession Stand Improvements, City of Northwood
Northwood 2019 Street Resurfacing Improvements